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Van de Poel Lab

Welcome to the website of the Van de Poel lab.

We are a plant science lab, affiliated with the University of Leuven, focusing on plant hormone physiology, with a special interest in ethylene. We also perform translational research on innovations in horticulture. We use molecular genetics, biochemical and physiological experiments to perform basic and applied research in the emerging fields of horticulture and agriculture.


The lab was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for our research on the origin and evolution of the ethylene biosynthesis and ACC signaling pathway.

A VLAIO LA-project on the implementation of agrivoltaics for fruit production was approved!

New equipment: 
Genogrinder for the rapid and high-throughput crushing of frozen plant samples
New paper
Gonin M., Salas-González I., Gopaulchan D., Frene J.P., Roden S., Van de Poel B., Salt D.E., Castrillo G. (2023). Plant microbiota controls an alternative root branching regulatory mechanism in plants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA: 120 (15) e2301054120 


New paper

Van de Poel B., de Vries J. (2023). Evolution of ethylene as an abiotic stress hormone in streptophytes. Environmental and Experimental Botany – accepted.


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In collaboration with the Experimental Research station in Sint-Katelijne Waver, Hoogstraeten and Roeselaere, we are investigating the effect of far-red light on tomato fruit production.

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In the ERC Consolidator Grant we will study the origin and evolution of the ethylene biosynthesis pathway of plants, and we will try to reveal the mechanism of the ACC signaling pathway of plants. We will deploy a variety of plant species to reach our goal.


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Van de Poel Lab


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